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Empowering people to make sustainable choices

We at ibumi want to push sustainability in markets where we can have positive impact upon the economy, ecology and social equity

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Our Vision

Becoming the world’s most trusted brand for sustainable products and services

We have turned our small company into a successful and extremely profitable business. But this is only part of the journey we want to go.

From our personal love for this planet in all its diversity, we turned our sails to pursue success in three categories: economy, ecology and social equity.

Our Values

At ibumi we take great pride in working and living by our company's values

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Pursuing sustainability

We strive to improve the inclusive wellbeing in business and in our private lives. We know that to make a difference, we have to embrace the interdependence of ecology, economy & social equity.

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Grit & Growth Mindset

To ensure we stay at the top of our game, we practice Grit & Growth Mindset individually and as a team. Grit is the combination of passion and perseverance for longterm goals and growth mindset is the belief that talents can be developed.

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As a team, we enjoy working together and find the journey of discovery exciting. After all, we at ibumi know that a happy, united workforce equals satisfied customers as well as outstanding products and services.

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Team first

Winning the Championship is better than winning the MVP award. Every team member's first job & responsibility is always to help the team win.

Work where you want

We are 100% Remote

As founders, we have worked remotely and in an office environment. We have learned that where we work doesn’t impact our performance. What matters most is that we are happy! Therefore, we have adapted our processes to give this freedom to every employee.

We trust each other

When working remotely, trust is of fundamental importance. Therefore, at ibumi, there is no looking over the shoulders’ of our team mates, because we trust each other.

We share information

We are very open with the information that we share with our team about company goals and progress. The current tasks of each team member are also always made visible.

We provide great equipment

We support employees with first class equipment and support if they want to rent an office space, so the work environment can be as productive as possible.


Agile & Lean Startup

We work agile & lean

We work in the agile SCRUM framework and follow the Lean Startup principle of validated learning. This means that, rather than assuming that we know what is best for our customers, we gather and test data so that we can make informed decisions.

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Aspiring goal setting

We set aspirational & clear goals

Because we constantly want to grow personally and professionally, the goals we set are very aspirational. We believe that even if we don’t reach 100% all the time, having aspirational goals will help us to stretch and grow to obtain results that didn’t seem possible.

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